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the rough draft of the plans were originally sketched by daedulus,.

suspiciously like any other friday. but don't be fooled...not for a second! i slept in. i never sleep in; i must be conserving my energies for some foul purpose. i mean, it is just like me to ascribe meaning to arbitrary dates! well, okay, when there is something to gain, i guess i'll play along. i'll put the cyanide pill away for now. alright cadets, line up behind me at midnight! we go to the caspian sea, in our fancy black uniforms, all in rank & file. all sleazy with our skirts slit up to HERE. i mean, come on, my soldiers are nothing if not cowboys. blazing god-damn scatterguns & colt single action armies! hammers falling in synchopation & bullets screaming out like a homecoming. well son of a bitch. today is another day, but if i got my one birthday wish? there'd be no tommorow. oh, & sure i'm sulking a little; i'm fucking bummed that sweden didn't happen. i mean, speaking of soldiers, right? i want to explain to olive that i wasn't talking shit- i mean, i did get my passport rushed & everything! but the money just wasn't there. we were about $800 dollars away, just basically we had nowhere to stay. it didn't help that when the tickets said $300 they meant (plus $150 tax). i blame the universe at large, false idols in specific. sucks to your assmar, baal-moloch! you fucking blood-thirsty cud-fucker! carthage delenda est, bitch!

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