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now scribble is gone, or at the very least he flies out today & i work, so any bumping into each other is fairly unlikely. we spent the last two nights drinking--monday after work we drank at peter's, then met jenny, then drank at the gate, then left jenny, then drank at peter's. the night itself has occluded, & all that surfaces through the dim doubt of liquor are the occasional misadventure. so it really isn't any great surprise that tuesday morning was such a mess. i was the neediest mordicai, & jenny was working at a diffrent branch of the library (& had left her cell phone at home) so i couldn't even call her up for reassurance. we did however get a bunch of comics in, so i read the new fables, the first batgirl & the first lucifer. i liked them all, but time was still crawling by. met up with alicia, met up with scribble & braxton, met up with katja. went to a bar scribble had found (!) where when they strike the gong, it is free shots all around! there was no gong striking while we were there, but then, it was also happy hour. i shared some sake with ekat, & left early- real early. i was just done, & my head was coming unhinged. i made it home just in time. jenny was a fussy mess, which also kept me from melting into a crazy mess-- she needed me, so i had to put things under lock & key. & now here i am, wednesday morning, ablaze with my own malice. not such a bad way to be, for one such as me.

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