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gather round, you post-apocalyptic citizens of new thebes, & harken to a tale of days long past. of the twilight age before king's county was ruled by prince doctor faustus, & still swore fealty to this isle. a story of the wicked mordicai, the heirophant of the dark grin, & his mad-cap adventure one sunday morn. how he did quarrel with his true love, & go out into the places about his dwelling with scribble-of-the-snarl, iron poet; & jess the girl with a gun. how their hunting & gathering was foiled by the tyranny of raw fish prices, & how in time mordicai did fill himself with scotch eggs & dandilion & burdock drink. it was a bright morning then, with the sun (you may have heard tales of that cruel thing, before the crueler mordicai had it blotted from the sky) shining- & where their shadows fell, the penumbra fell with a knife's sharpness.

alas, a rendezvous with the beautiful jenny was not to be (though she would wake our darling mordicai up the following morning with tender affections) for the call to action had come! adventure! excitement! the sith crave these things above all else, & so a reckless course was set! a ride in the bellows of an iron dragon, huffing & puffing, where they did meet & were met by internet personality larrondo, the (decidedly) winsome perri & roger of their acquaintence. to where did they take the rails? where else but to coney island! this was, of course, before the hostile take-over by the Family Harlequin, but still, it was teeming with carnival rides & freak-shows. these six scoundrals scoured the boardwalk, travelling it until its very terminus! whereupon a troll did show them the way to a view of the verazono-narrows bridge....& the secret path wherefore to sneak into the gated community! which was then done.

the beach-walking having come to an end (the sands now glass behind them, so furious was their passage), the 6(66) fell upon the rides without any further ado! scribble did fight brazillian kick-boxers, & win! a super ball of some kind was won through manual dexterity! a swinging frolic was had upon a ferris wheel of doom-- & mordicai, that grim, jolly dark soul, joined the order of the black hand upon it's peak! then...teeth chattering, they came to the haunted house. only larrondo, perri & mordicai (of course) had the guts, the gumption, the sheer unmitigated fortitude to venture in, spinning in bleak tea cups. the operator of the spook-house himself was required by law to befuddle himself with narcotics simply to prevent permanent mental harm. the inside...let us not speak of the horrors contained within but to say that they were bested! for who is like mordicai, & who can make war against him?

caramel-apples in hand, pockets filled with roasted nuts, the sextet set north, once more upon the brink of ruin! but a brink once more avoided! the mine-fields of restaurant choice are perilous; within its pit-falls many a monster or man has been wrecked. again, triumph! in honor of the binewskis, the pizza-joint "arturo's" was chosen from a vast swath of candidates. alas, here mordicai met his only defeat for the evening, for none with ally with him on the measure to order brocoli rape pizza; there was caucus after caucus, but the mandate was not ratified. oh the pains of parliment! how unsteady the nation that rests upon democracy. sad, sad indeed was it when mordicai parted ways from larrondo (scion of the creator of ra's al ghul & the tim drake robin no less!!) & perri, but the true sorrow was but moments away! rather than be whisked away in a checkered hack, mordicai returned to king's country; indeed, to the very bed of the girl he loved. but do not fret, young lads & lasses! our tale is not yet through! tune in next week, new thebans! same m-time, same m-channel!

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