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it happened to me!

just now i sold the book ninja shadow-hand: the art of invisibility to a jolly, rolly-polly fire-fighter. the story is sweetened by the fact that he paid in quarters- not only that, he had them in rolls, but not trusting the bank, tore up the paper & counted them out, four at a time. mid-way through, he asked who was playing on the stereo, which was fordmadoxfraud's pharoah "colonel" sanders; he was however totally disintrested in seeing the jewel-case, which i took up to show him (& truth be told, it was hardly a "jewel"-case, being made of paper as it was). as he was leaving the store, he tripped over the shelving ladder, saying on his way "you guys should put a yellow sticker on that, or sumthin'! & to all a good-night!"

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