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just finished the first three daredevil: visionaries trades. i don't know if it is the entireity of frank miller's run on dd, but it has to ammount to a sizable chunk of it. basically it is the elektra saga. the third act, with all the ninja power stuff, i don't know if i liked it that much, but the second trade was great. marvel characters are just so diffrent in flavor from dc. the thresh-hold for super-human is so much lower. i mean, look at daredevil! i prefer the iconic thing dc has going, but i could see how the more human characterization of marvel could be alluring. i guess that marks the end of my little vacation from reading elementry particles. i just don't find broken people compelling. i mean, if i met the characters in the book in a bar? i'd walk away from them. i'm going to plow through it, though. i've got a hunch that houllebecq's thesis on post-humanity might resemble my thoughts on the matter, though i of course don't shade it as bleakly as i'm guessing he will. anyhow, jenny is still asleep, d&d is cancelled since mike is in frane (i think?), & i don't know how to keep myself occupied. i'll probably just punk around on the internet for a while. last night, despite being so exhausted, jenny & i stayed up sort of late, playing games online & being generally affectionate. after we had sex, my legs were so a-quiver, i was astonished. the day before that, though, i was just a puddle of an m, waiting to be mopped up. ugh, i'm still wooly-headed & dust-varmity. i need to scam some breakfast or something.

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