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this is the story of a boy who met everyone he ever knew on the internet, ever. scribble came over to my apartment this morning (after getting lost in manhattan & then again in queens), to crash out on my couch. i was planning on ringing him with a halo of knives while he slept, but he wasn't fucking joking when he talked about how light a sleeper he is. while he slept, here is a chronicle of my going ons: went to the laundromat, started washing clothes, browsed through the botanica next door, got a bagel & at it at a chessboard-table, walked around the block a couple of times, put my clothes in the drier, hiked through the park to where the bog troll is, & took my laundry home. that last part i was accompanied by slowertwin, who met with wearing sun glasses as big as a moose & a scarf. we tried to be quiet as churchmice! but we woke up the scribble in the other room never the less. we went out for lunch at fuji-san, the jap place i went with pravda on valentines day & again another time with katja. all three of us got the chirashi lunch for $10.50, which is so enormous that only i was even close to finishing my rice afterwords. we stopped by my apartment again so scribble could pick up his bags, which is when ekat & i set off the fire alarm trying to go onto the roof. how sad, so sad to have an alarm! i guess fire-escape access only from now on.

in we went to manhattan! we spun & sparkled down broadway, you know? coffee at beard papa, then to katja's to set down scribble's bags. jeffrey & scribble started making out over bands for a little while. then we swooped in like terrible facons, pouncing on girlandagun & adding her to our ranks. we dolled around ekat's apartment a little more so she could smoke some drugs, then gained a jenny in the mix. what a winning combo! so we (being a group primarily consisting of troublemakers) poured some vodka into half-drunk ginger ale, & went drinking in washington square park. which is when it got cold, which is when i regretted wearing short sleeves, which is when katja loaned me her sweater, which is what caused me to look like...well, funny. very funny. trouble funny. we got dinner at cafe orlean, & afterwards learned that disfigurine was still "very far" from new york. so jenny went home, having to wake up today at seven, & we hung at out katja's a little further, drinking v-8 orange-mango & vodka. eventually scribble wisely urged us to stop imposing on a sleepy ekat, but only after i made magnetic poems. all of a sudden, reigh & company arrived! a reigh with a david-boy & a roomate-girl. hurrah, as they'd say. so we went off to the botanica bar. it was worse than last time- i only just looked inside & it was just god-awful. so we went to the bar next door, which was pretty okay. i mean, i kind of liked it! i can't remember what they called it, though.

i left amidst a flurry of discontent! everyone hates me, i'm sure of it. it was time for me to go home, only. not! instead, coney island! ferris wheels! roller coasters! carnival freaks! fetuses in glass jars! a very, very sad mordicai! oh man i was heart-broken when i realized just how far from home i was. all the trains kept lying to me, too! telling me they were brooklyn bound when really they were manhattan bound or what have you. so i ended up stranded on neptune. where the aquarium is! fucking lost & cold. think i called everyone i could. woke up everyone i could. it was cold & i hated it & when i got home i just fell into bed. fucking sleep, i hate it. all these drooping demands hanging off the flesh like over-ripe fruit, sicking seeds coated in poison. now i'm at work & my head is twisted with tired, by stomach with wretched hate. also, there are financial worries regarding the trip to sweden, casting doubts. it isn't a good scene for mordicai today! but i'll have a jenny in four more hours, basically all i could ever want.

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