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jenny's dad's secret identity is famous japanese chef kandagawa!

i have nothing intresting to report! i have been pleasently afloat since sunday! monday i came home & spent gentle time with jenny, drinking wine & watching return of the king with diffrent commentary tracks. tonight i am drinking wine & watching television & movies with my girl as well. we got falafal for dinner? you see, being relatively unpreturbed & utterly in love makes for half-baked chronicaling. she scratches me behind my ear & kisses my cheek when she notices that i'm updating my journal. oh, i maybe took on some important intresting project today, walking from grand army plaza to the f train with alicia. maybe that is exciting! lets use tiger-force! hey, if this weekend goes off, it will be the team-up of scribble, reigh, & mordicai! the build on the internet since it was invented, huh? fuck, now jenny is reading over my shoulder & being horrible, though she says "i am not. i ought to get some special privilages from living with you." you see how it is? maybe i'll do more vignettes off my momentary life, that is a possibility. further more? i am the omega, which willl end things. all things.

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