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the last insult!

touch & go all day. dance dance, you fools upon the stove. there was flim-flam regarding today's gaming agenda, but i called around & deduced out the truth. it is looking like when i come back from sweden i'm going to have to force everyone to play my game. brian told me once that game mastering was an act of pure will. he was being silly & half-joking, but damn is it true. players are skitish little fillies. works out for me. the lovely, unbeliviable jenny (who requests the most incredible things in the bedroom after insisting she is about to get up from bed) was going to spend the day with her c-list celeb best friend, who i think is pretty okay, but it was discovered that said friend's boyfriend (of perhaps supreme mediocrity) would be coming a long. so i figured i'd tag along, if so-&-so was going to do his thing. we met up in china town with some ado about nothing, weaving in & out of traffic, & went to the inventors of the soup dumpling, where we ate entirely too much chinese food. i brought the left-overs home...screw you, suckers! movies were dumb, little italy was okay, then the f train was dumb, but we got home okay. oh, also fuck sports bars, fuck the yankees versus the red socks. man i am pleased with myself. you should see my girl look around. she has the wisest eyes, the most discerning fucking expression. fucking brilliant, which coupled with hot? i mean, look at that elvish chin, her subtle brow. she's blowing my fucking brains out; no dice. halo of hair. i'm looking at her talking to me & it is real nice. real nice.

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