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"i am the REVELATION! the TIGER-FORCE at the core of all things!"

one thing i like about frank miller? one thing that i'm sure would get under the skin of pop culture liberals? is a lot of the gender interaction. now of course it is all stylized & violent, like the rated r blurb said, but the thing is, it kind of got me to articulare a little of my feelings on gender afterwards. see, i think that when the chips are down, when things are at their most desperate, men will act like cavemen & women will act like cavewomen. i think a lot of people realize this, but i think most people wouldn't admit it. but yeah; when you are down & out & being hunted by serial killer hitmen, & you are a beautiful woman? you might just go to the biggest, strongest male you can find & be his mate in exchange for protection. & even if you are a group of competant, dangerous females? you'd probably send the peripheral male out first on the dangerous mission. fuck, thats what boys are FOR. now, don't get me wrong. i don't think that in common, modern life this is the way it is. this isn't some kind of justification for the husband being the head of the household or anything silly like that. i'm just saying there are biological, wetware componants of being a boy or girl. that the ground floor psychology is diffrent. today's western world is a far cry from sustanance living, though. we're awash in resources & wealth, & except for the very poorest, virtually everyone belongs in the leisure class at least part of the time, more or less. also, guns help. guns sure help. every woman should own a gun, or at least some mace. a weapon. freedom comes with the strength to seize it.

i've read crisis on infinite earths (terrible, horrid, wretched!) & the forever people (fantastic, lunatic, bizzare!) in the past few days. i want to read elementry particles next, but we can't seem to find it! so i don't know, eventually i suppose i'll try looking for it again. now we're just sitting around the apartment, drinking coffee- she, the mistress of her own lusts. or wait, i mean, she's reading the sunday times & i'm fooling around online. later she'll go off adventuring with sarah, & my plans are occuluded. or wait, i guess my gaming group is getting together, though what the plan is i don't know. bang bang! hey, remember that guy in bubba ho-tep who goes out firing his cap-guns at the mummy saying "asshole! asshole!"? that guy is pretty much a gangster, just for your information.

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