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zounds! thursday happened, you know? met up with jenny & katja in manhattan & went to a little nook-ish japanese place called natori. brought in our own wine, oogled the very alien-looking waitress (with huge feet), had some sushi & some aligator. when we left, the girls were drunk, & we went spinning through the streets back to ekat & jeffrey's place. watched battle royale, & prick that i am, drank all of jeffrey's melon-infused vodka that he'd been ranting about all night. hm. but that was a pretty sterling piece of time; i really like the jenny & katja team up.

yesterday had its moments of debacle. the morning started out with me finding out that there was gonna be some time zone shuffling in regards to sin city. jenny & christopher & i ended up with tickets to the 7:00 show, while alicia, david, & peter had tickets to the 7:30. i juggled some phone conversations regarding this, but in the end decided to let the chips fall where they may. then i went down to flatbush to film a movie with this morman kung-fu expert i know named joseph. it was some super-8 for his film class; basically christopher & i beat up a guy & then are beaten up by another guy. chris & i devolped a patter while we waited for action. "who do we hate?" "ton." "what does he have that we want?" "money." "money to buy what?" "drugs." "what arn't we going to let ton do?" "pick up that fucking pencil." basically the acting job we gave was superb. i convinced christopher that come the first take, we had to run screaming as loud at we could at the guy. since it is a silent film, whatever we say didn't matter. "i worship the fucking devil!" "i want money to buy pcp!" "your sister is my whore!" &c. pretty fun, what with just running around screaming. when our scenes were done being ilmed, we skedattled back to the shop, closed it down, & zoom-zoom, onto the boom-tube! bang! interdimensional travel manhattan-ward.

so we got to the city just in time to see sin city. my girl was major-mad on for me, since i hadn't called her to fill her in with the finalized details. mostly i threw up my hands once plans started getting convoluted- trying to convince people to switch to 7:00 if they could, that sort of thing. so we watched sin city, which turned out to be some kind of perfect rorschach test- who or what stuck with you? peter likes the guy who "lies to women & then kills them." chris "my man, did you see he hit she so hard?" & of course, i really like kevin; i like kevin a whole lot. i walked jenny to the train, then, saw her off with a kiss, & met up with the rest of the boys. we went back to natori, since i'd really enjoyed myself there previously, & had sake & a couple pieces of raw fish. after that we went to angel's share, which is a hidden bar for super-criminals. it is only the second time i've been there, since it is a bit pricey, but the esteemed pappy & kromedome were buying.

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