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a big thank ya kindly for mister alan moore, thats what i'm brimming with. i finished crisis on multiple earths on the train this morning, & fuck am i glad that alan convinced comic books to take a shot at being serious for a minute. fucking doctor fate turned an attack into custard pies! the djinn of earth-2's johnny thunder is stolen by earth-1's evil johnny thunder, who somehow...well let me try to sort it out. first he sends thunderbolt back in time to prevent the jla's heroes from ever becoming heroes. he fixes krypton's core of fissionable uranium, he saves abin sur's life, &c. then somehow later sends evil earth-1's johnny thunder's thugs back in time to gain the jla's powers! okay, joe minion can get splashed with barry allen's chemicals & lightninged, fine. you can give somebody ray palmer's miniturizing gloves, & maybe even steal green lantern's ring, fine. BUT HOW THE FUCK DID THOSE THUGS REPLACE SUPERMAN & THE MARTIAN MANHUNTER? you cannot travel back in time so hard it turns a dude into a martian, you can't. anyhow, yeah; they call the divine wrath of god "spectre-tacular" one time. fuck. my brain is a little melted now. i guess old comic books were a lot more goofy once upon a time, huh? oh, also solomon grundy & blockbuster punch each other so hard that all the hate gets punched out of them. okay? listen, man. comic books are crazy! it is nice to know that the pre-crisis spectre was strong enough to keep two planets from colliding. it was pretty "spectre-tacular" after all i guess!

i just caught a lady in the store dancing.

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