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i made beef jerky out of your mom.

can you hear the cry to adventure?! adventure!, thatsiren sweet clarion ringing out across twilight fields. today is one of those days, a brief epoch of mischief & startling discovery! i am of course stuck at work. not for me the show down at the ok corral, nor savage tales of exploration on the dark continent. no, alas the clash of armies across all of europe must be put aside; the swirling vortex into unspeakable hell dimensions are not for me. i have books to put in boxes! pages to staple to other pages! avast, you scurvy dogs, mordicai cannot come out & play. my bottle rockets & black cats are to be kept in the shoebox beneath my bed; my shotgun & .357 are holstered. stay inside & make a bookstore run okay! okay! that is my mission, grim & dour. i my turned a hardened face to the grindstone! tonight, maybe a little adventure; i go to ajudicate a reading by elizabeth gaffney, author of metropolis, & then from there an illicit rendez vous with my accomplice in crime (with whom i totally had sex with, last night).

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