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plink, plink. little droplets of events fill up the cup of my day. chalice, bitch, what? sunday we went to the metropolitan museum with symon, kelly, & andy, just long enough to see the temple of dendur, the roman-lookin' bust of george washington, & balthus' "terese dreaming." we had to leave after that, say our goodbyes & go to carla's for easter dinner. which consisted of basically enough appetizers to kill a yak. we chowed down & drank mimosas, went of on the roof, chased the dog around, climbed onto a ledge, goofed off, went back inside, washed off the dog, drank some more, started playing charades, drank some more, jimmy came over & then repeat the drinking & playing. coming home wasn't so bad, but man i was done-tired when it was. still tired from this weekend this moment. monday was mostly work, but a little excitement went on. danny's brother was getting attacked by these five mugger punks, so he ran into the store. so we sheltered him for a while, tilll danny's cousin came. danny's cousin likes me 'cause i remind her of her baby's daddy. but she had no time for niceities this time; she came in, i told her where the boys had gone, she chased 'em down & beat them up, then came back shouting "I OWN THIS JUNCTION! THIS IS MY GOD-DAMN JUNCTION!" that was a fun time. today nothin' doin', except alica stopped by to keep me company for a while. now i'm eating burritos & drinking beer with my main squeeze girl.

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