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symon, kelly, & andy "bobandy" richter showed up friday night around one am; startlingly close to their projected arrival time! late only by one single american hour! golly. we girded ourselves with the armor of sin & headed out on a bar crawl. harry boland's had some awful band playing, so we gave that a wide berth, & picked up kromelizard on the sly. we trooped back the other way down 5th avenue (ave.) passing some of the other bars (slightly tempted by reis, always tickled by the unwelcoming glares from ginger's) on our way to loki, maybe? but instead we settle in to the gate. a small sprite kept drinking all my beer, so i had to make symon buy me more. we left after last call, & they were all "now lets go to that fucking all-night diner!" & i was "woah there my little ponies," since i had to open the store the next morning. so peter led them, pied piper, to the diner, & i went back to the arms of my girlfriend pravda, & bed.

woke up, went to work. what a fucking sucky thing to have to do. jenny all warm & inviting & naked under the covers, snug as the proverbial bug. but speaking of bugs, slowertwin came to the store around 12:00 pm or so to keep me company, since dantelong has fucked off to chicago to see his zebra-girl, & evilragdoll has quit, & i was all on my lonesome. i even sang her a song about being my friend the bug. it turns out not having a skeleton means you arn't real. that seems true. so we moped around the shop, playing scrabble (which she is a danger at! high voltage!) & zombies! & eating spinach pizza. symon & kelly & andysseus were saying they were going to come to the store, but that quickly & clearly ceased to be an option. so when it was closing time, katja & i came back to my apartment to secure jenny, who'd been making cookies all day (& also buying little bottles of liquor for carla's easter basket). for a while ekat was saying she felt ill & wouldn't come, & jenny wouldn't fix her no matter how hard i asked. eventually i plied ekaterina with physik & my silver tongue, & she agreed to come to at least dinner.

we met our intrepid friends in manhattan, but only after playing phone tag as they stumbled around desperately trying to find the strand & failing. how do you miss 18 miles of books? but we found them with no hassle, & then walked to dojos. or well, jenny & katja walked ahead, & i brought up the rear stragglers. dojos was a smorgasborg of hijiki-tofu & pitchers of beer, & jenny ducking & weaving & trying to figure out of this girl who was with this guy she knew was the best friend of a guy jenny is avoiding. she wasn't. also i got to tell one of my favorite jokes ever, which involved shouting, which i like to do, especially inappropriately. the guy with the little kid glared at me all evening after that! fuck him. after dojos we went to the botanica. now, i think the last time i was at the botanica was with pettymiette, when we wrote our conan the barbarian homo story. & well, it has changed since then. the back room is still a nice laid back hood where you can sit on couches with your compatriots & plot conquest. the front of the bar? is fucking packed with guido fucking jersey kids. fuckers were actually wearing backwards baseball caps still! man it was awful. this dick & his crew decided that once they got to the clear spot of the bar, ordered their drinks, & got their drinks? they'd just sit at that clear spot of the bar. fuck that. so i knocked over the stool where they had piled all their coats. have some spite, you fucking bridge & tunnel fucker! symon & kelly kept saying that it was so packed because it was "hip!," & when i went outside to smoke a cigarette with them, i found out they were right! nyu jizzbags & jersey drink-tourists were all cruising houston, & when they'd pass us they'd be all "oh, that place is totally rad, they have two dollar ($2) pbrs (pabst blue ribbbons)." eventually some silent, possibly pheremonal signal was given, & we walked katja home to her apartment.

we then returned to brooklyn, rightly realizing that king's county beats all comers, plus fucking with trains now beats messing with them drunk at whatever am. so we went to harry boland's for a drink, which had returned to its proper place as an island of hard drinkers. we had a drink there, & then i walked jenny home while the other folks went to the loki. at home i totally got laid! which, i mean, who didn't see that coming? but did you see anal sex?! thats right. my girlfriend sure knows how to put the cherry on the ice cream sunday of an evening, don't she? after we showered (or, bathed, since the fucking showerhead wasn't working right- well, really whore-bathed), i headed towards loki to meet the kids, only to find that there were coming my way, to go back to the all-night diner from before. so i went along & called peter. the fucking waitress knew everybody's order by heart already! like they were fucking part of some diner-conspiracy or something. also, she was totally mean to me, & made me have coleslaw. but i did have an egg cream, which makes up for it. but then i was convinced that after the meal we were going to go to peter's & play cards! so i drank coffee to wake up. bad move! it was a trap, as admiral akbar would holler. so i woke up this morning at eight am, throwing up & having some diarhea. enjoy voiding your bowels, bodyboy! suck it. skintrap. i laid in bed & whimpered for a while, but then showered & shaved, so now i'm dark-eyed & bushy-tailed.

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