mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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your wild, yellow eyes.

brain full of fireworks, nothing there to discourage the hauntings i get. these angels in hospital gowns drowning in oxygen,, pressed up against the ceiling. their medical wristbands writ in ambelain's script. i can hear my thoughts growing teeth, anchoring in glial cells, choping & gnashing. devouring lacunae & regurgitating broken metaphors. this is how i spend my day off, excising madness & drinking physik until i run out of bitters. accepting the testimony of the hollow places of myself, the scabs of amputation periodically ripped open, never given a chance to scar & heal. i'll fend off the surgeons with shivs of broken glasss even until arkham. i'll show you miskatonic, you sons of bitches. i'll play your guts like a harp, your knucklebones like an organ, until crippled you take your hands the fuck away from the shards of my heart. until i'm not the sole panel in this triptych. till these echoes in my head reverberate into thunder. the shazam! that starts with sammael & ends with metatron. now i'm off to quell these mad thoughts & rise again in form of man.

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