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the sampo is a golden switch-blade! i know, i've got one!

i've been a comic reading hell-blaze of late, you dig? so let me sketch out some rough lines; the new jsa is great; i like it quite a bit. especially the granny box in the future where darkseid completes the anti-life equation, & the part where they quote "quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" since, right, the old jsa folks were the loose basis for the watchmen. oh, wait, the darkseid thing is from the jlas i read; those are pretty good too, but i think the jsas are better. the way they fixed the hawkman insanity is pretty elegant- letting him remember everything solves lots of continuity lunacy, & the kendra thing makes good comic-drama. sleeper three i read too; sleeper sure is a good comic, but volume three is pretty much devoid of any actual occurance, so colour me a little dissapointed. did i talk about powers six & seven? number six might have been my favorite collection since "who killed retrogirl?" though number seven was...number seven was too much, frankly. & both of them leave the series with a hard line to back down from. also, i read batman's "bruce wayne: fugative" storyline. volume one is pretty great, but it kind of diminishes after that. the great stand-out thing is the new batgirl, who is totally sweet. her origin story is also totally fucked up, in true comics style. though i'd like to see that whole "didn't learn to talk so she could use that part of her brain to be an awesome ninja" thing kept around, even though she can talk. i don't know, just as some token coolness, like having her get a cat scan & making them be all "what the fuck? her brain is crazy!" only in neurolinguistic-code. thats just a great bit of comic book pseudoscience. i'm sure i've read some other scattered stuff here & there, too.

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