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limned with the dark lines of hate, this tower is built of skulls & knives, stretching up into the sky like an offense. like a splinter of bamboo under the fingernails of the sky. the sutures stained with gold, aurum-coloured zigs & zags. the hilts wrought of iron, ferrous & cruelly curved. this is the home of the camazotz, where their black finger-bone wings beat & silent cries echo, the uncaring blood-suckers. by the time you see it, rising up out off the rain forest of cambodia or the yucatan, it is too late to turn back, for they have grown aware of you, for all your subtle sorceries. for all the thorn-strings ran through your tongue. they rule the cities of gold, & you must try their wrath sooner or later; for blood & gold are all one currency in these lands. these savage lands are that which bore cao, red in tooth & claw. that swaddled her in silk & put the taste of iron upon her lips.

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