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okay, hear me out. here is why i think raistlin majere is a good character. not a cool character, but rather, an intresting one. it isn't anything twinkish, like the fact that he killed tiamat, though how cute is that? no, the reason raistlin is intresting is because he has a pathology, & not only that, the causes of it are so pathetic as to be believable. i mean, he grew up to be the most evil guy ever because when he was little the other kids used to pick on him! how lame is that? it is totally lame. i guess i just buy him becoming a weird evil archmage more than i buy other similar characters. he's not some ragamuffin made good (go to hell, elminster), he's just a bookish loser who wanted to show them. he is such a whiny bitch through the books, such a little sniveling asshole. touch me not for i am magi! it is so great. so true to form. i think it is a damn shame that the basic player's handbook doesn't have any spells named after him. i get that it is greyhawk & everything, but i think he deserves a little something. toss the guy a bone!

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