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the chutney's dilemma.

i wonder sometimes if the joker should be funny. there is just something sinister about the bad joke, the obvious punch-line. when i think of the joker, i think about a supernatural comic taking place in gotham, sans batman. you know, the phantom stranger talking about how weirdly infested with archetypes, with totems, gotham is. jason blood talking about how he has never seen a creature of purer evil, of a more villianous heart, than the joker. just talk him up; you don't even have to let him out of his cage at arkam. just have him sit. waiting, waiting for the bat. smiling. man the joker, that twisted harlequin. what a charming fucking bastard. thats what i think about sometime, when i'm fleshing out my dream roster. all the smiling angels i will take with me in my army to reclaim heaven from the tyranny of god. though with these delusions of refrence i've got, it feels like the joker was written for me, you know? put there, in code, to let me know that the soldiers are there, waiting for me to rise again. i will point the way, you fuckers. the muazzin will go forth to announce me. come to me, my blood splattered angels, & i will lead you home.

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