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so i was under the impression that part of the reason people have weddings is to kind of have a mini-reunion with people they liked from high school. i mean, falling out of touch is de rigeur for the scene, i get that. i mean, you don't see me pining over high school as some kind of magical glory days (especially since i'm always living in my salad days). but i still think that i should have been invited to michael's wedding! okay, it is a weird thing, considering i don't think i've spoken to him in ages, but it is also tinged with the weirdness of jenny knowing more about mentor events than me. i mean, not surprisingly leigh told her, it is just weird that i heard from allen price in the 11th hour. anyhow, then allen gave me phone number to his younger autistic brother joe, who called & asked if he could crash at my apartment. nope! okay! so after that, fordmadoxfraud came over, & we schleped over to kromelizard's, but before that peter called me up & asked, "who would win in a fight, superskrull or the martian manhunter?" to which the indisputable reply is superskrull, considering one of his powers is to turn into fucking fire. sorry j'onn, thanks for playing. so peter peter pumpkin eater & i taught ripple how to play "asshole," & then we played it till the jug of wine was gone. also we found out that david is bizzaro. then we went up to the roof & i threw stuff off it. i went home when the boys went inside to crack open the scotch. i went home! today this morning already i have eaten two salami sandwiches.

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