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weird, i just totally saw mike busch (thefirstest) in a commercial! i mean, i guess i knew he was in one, but i didn't know it was a real commercial that i would see on casual television. that is funny, huh? also weird to think about high school. i mean, the passport office called me up the other day & told me to photo copy my page from the high school year book & fax it to them. which is a weird thing, too. i'm awash in weird things. anyhow, after some lunacy this morning, i went to matt's (or well, jen's) place in red hook. matt & i walked her dog, then played some halo two; then jen came home & we three kings went grocery shopping. then i bailed totally on matt & jen (we were supposed to go to dinner) & came home. then i was weird, or jenny was weird, or neither of us was really weird. hey, fun fact: i am actually incapable of getting plain cottage cheese. it is just one of those brain defeciencies i have. okay, i'm still a little disjointed.

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