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ides of march.

today i took the day off work. jenny & i went up to nbc studios to see the taping of carson daly's late night show, since her ex-roomate kaki king was going to be the musical guest. there was a great deal of general comraderie in the line, & eventually we were seated on the floor. the guests were some radha actress who was very confused- after her interview was done, carson asked her if she wanted to stick around. standard fare, what? right? she said yes, then immediately stood up & said she had somewhere else to be. carson was just as confused as anyone else! so she scurried off stage, & some guy from the howard stern show came on. he was funny, so there is that going on, & carson daly called tiger woods a terrorist! after all that, we went over to the music side of the stage (think snl- they are the same studio, right?) & i got kaki's attention & directed it to jenny. kaki didn't know she was coming, so that was a funny surprise for her. so we sat right up against the stage, & watched her play (for the record, she's good & i think i officially like her music just fine). afterwords, we went back stage. i ate a sandwich & a cookie & drank a bottled water! suck on the nbc! who's rockstar now, what! then there was some minor confusion over whether kaki was going to japan tommorow or thursday, then khaki & her girlfriend & their friend & kaki's manager & jenny & i got into the car nbc provided. her manager got off at 21st street but the rest of us went to her place in bushwick. we at thai food & drank some beer (negro modello & red stripe) & hung out. coming home wasn't a hassle at all! except now i'm tired & fussy & everything on television is junk. but that was my day of being famous. i even had a backstage pass & everything.

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