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also, the fact that elijah wood is playing kevin, the cannibal psychotic in sin city? so fucking amazing. i realize i'm getting on the boat a little bit late here, but i'm starting to get pretty excited about that movie. creepy elijah wood? maybe alexis bledel is a ninja? ninja fucking rory!? i know it took my long enough to read the comics. mostly crime comics are pretty low on my priority list, but when i read sin city i kind of got it. they're like frank miller's batman stories! only since the guys arn't batman, they can't actually win against the overwhelming corruption- they can rage against it, flicker like a candle, carve out a niche, some small victory? but only at the cost of their lives. also, since they arn't batman, they can cut off a fucker's arms, or shoot a dude in the nutsack with a .357. so okay, that is some possible good media consumption upcoming.

i'm trying to be surreptitious here on the computer, since it was running out of batteries in the bedroom, & i had to bring it back out here to plug it in. since i'm here, let me list the word-composites i made up while terra & i were shooting them back & forth on aim. starting here: knickershaft, spookquarrel, glanceantique, greyboiled, homefossil, underhollow, rimeglisten, gorgonswallow, eelbalm, gloommatter, halogrumble, necrobyzantine, julepgondola, kelpmenhir, saltgosling, filthchimp, swarmblooming, the triptych pearlfault/petalfault/pistolfault, ichorseraph, dolorourfeint, deepbeing, dulcimersine, abbotsophia, phosphosaintly, golemsadistic, paleharp, bleakglyph. my favorite is golemsadistic.
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