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mail bomb.

so i finally watched the much lauded the apartment. according to common wisdom, not liking this movie it tantamount to admitting to thinking john wayne gacey is hot. & if a girl don't like it, forget it! & well, it isn't that i didn't like it. i was entertained just fine. but i guess you are supposed to sympathize with one of the characters? except lemmon's guy is king ineffectual, who only gets any degree of assertivness in the 11th hour, & maclaine is such a ridiculous mess that it isn't even worth trying to know her! dating her is clearly a bad idea. huh. jenny summed it up as the movie where the girl leaves the alpha male for the beta male. okay? that seems like a reasonable reduction of the plot. i just spent too much of my viewing time wishing any character would stop being a tool box.

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