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the grim, barnacle covered keel.

i've all-the king's horsesed myself, which is to say, i've put myself back together again. there are rumbles, like distant thunder, but i can tell a hawk from a handsaw. i've put my dreamy self-awareness back in the iron chest; i've hid away the black monolith of my dharma beneath the skull, beneath the ribs, below the bones. everything tucked away into its niche, sheriff james! all clear around the perimeter. shut your slavering jaws, oh you beast, you monster, you think i call myself. back beneath the blankets! if you can't see them, they can't see you. it occurs to me that it may be wise to bundle myself up & ship off to work. with something to occupy my mind, it might be less prone to flights of...well, flights, & lets leave it at that. also, to accrue some vacation time for the trip to sweden, & to go see jenny's old roomate on carson daly tommorow. i mean, all i'd have to do to leave is put on clothes (take off my disguise, while i'm at it), since i showered last night to get the cat allergens offa me. i guess that is my plan. ah good. it is nice to have a plan. while i always have an agenda.

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