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mister tommy gun.

game cancelled yesterday on account of california flakes. anyhow, gerd & martak & i got together. i drank 5 polish beers, & we wasted time playing robo-rally, watching futurama, & talking about roleplaying games. which was fun! so i guess i can't complain. then i came home & latched onto jenny like a tick. i burrowed into her, then started falling asleep! i finally went to bed, but apparantly i was snoring, so when i woke up, she was sleeping in the other room! no fun! anyhow, i dragged a blanket out there & slept in her shadow for a little bit, until just now when staying asleep & having nightmares became a worse idea than waking up! hello, i'm awake! wide-eyed. & i'm wearing the wire-rim glasses & sherrif's star, meaning i'm in my disguise pajamas.

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