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burn, my child, burn!

oh kiss my face, parasite. lets make a potent genetic cocktail, me & you, lets see how we combine. lazy dazy morning, hazy, bed to bed, pillow to pilllow, formaldehyde to saline. sending these blue & black waves through the atmosphere, tangled up signatures. peeking over shoulders. sprawled out the both of us, twisted & braided into each other. lying there afterwords, still in embrace, in the little grave. settled, shaken. these urchin children we are! blushing brides, wrecks on each other's shores. i took a picture of her breasts with my camera phone as she sprawled out, then sent it in email to myself. a balm for solitude. i drink cup after cup of tea, waiting till it is time to go to the grey havens, to the dungeons of geek.

i saw constantine last night. it blew. he chewed gum! & had a side-kick! fuck. i tried hard to pretend it wasn't a movie about hellblazer, right? but it was like the movie went out of the way to insult the character! pleading with gabriel for salvation? wanting to go to heaven at all? chews gum after his cancer is cured? about the only part that was even close to true-form was when he tricked that demon half-breed by threatening to give him last rites! & even that, man, that evokes the low parts of ennnis' writing, where everyone is tricked with the lowest brow of jokes, but still. it was something. oh, & he was damnned for having committed suicide! how about for, i dunno, being john constantine, king of assholes? anyhow, forget it. it wasn't even good seperated from the comic.

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