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the plunge.

yesterday was about a billion ups & downs. the early part of the day the sickest jenny ever peeled herself out of bed to accompany me down to the post office to tell the passport lady that i'm a real boy. whew. i'm glad nobody asked me; i get so jimminy cricket. we grabbed some shitty fast food, went back home, & watched some funny girls on television. after that came the real yo-yo part. i did about 8 loads of laundry, & in the confusion of running out of money & the bank saying we didn't have any money & all that, i accidentally threw the delicates into a drier. colour me embarassed: its been explained to me about a billion times & still i can't wrap my head around wash on delicate with woolite, don't dry. so that was the real conflict of the day. banal, right? back & forth. she'd get mad, i'd get the sulks, i'd get mad, she'd call me stupid, i'd go get pizza. it ended on a good note, though. it ended on the a-okay, feet a-tangle. when she woke up at seven she rolled over into my arms. then this morning i finally finished kavalier & clay, which i put into my employee picks window, replacing the bloody crown of conan. the other book up there is sarah hrdy's mother nature. then i read the first of frank miller's sin city, & i'm reading that yellow bastard now, which i guess the movie is based on? so far, it seems like decent movie fare. i've been saying i'm going to read it for ages now, & i like miller & everything, but i guess it took seeing the trailer to really strong arm me into it. i don't know what my next book is going to be. maybe something non-fiction, maybe that birth defects book i picked up? yeah, maybe something non-fiction to replace the hrdy.

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