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in the name of all unholy, please fucking george lucas, die to death. you have samuel l. jackson as a jedi saying "you're under arrest!" are you kidding me? is this a trick? please stop making star wars movies- please franchise it, let others help it out of the mess you've sunk it in. the jedi are not space-cops. they are mystic warriors; wandering wizard-warriors. they are not the fbi, for heaven's sake. sigh. stop. in the words of john stewart, please. you're hurting america. fucking...fuck. i'm almost breathless with your low blows, george. please give it away. let others make the movies. let there be a brilliant series by some director writer team who tell the tales of the jedi during the golden age of the republic, where the jedi are mage-knights errant, moving from planet to planet in pairs, master & apprentice. show the corruption & betrayal that the jedi as cops are. where vader is the neccisary balancer of things. oh fuck, lucas. thanks for taking a big shit on something good. just because you make a thing doesn't mean you get to break it. listen close, george. if you don't fuck this up, jedi could be an essential part of american mythology, right up there with superman & batman. along side king arthur & his knights & their ilk! okay? stop.

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