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my woes.

you would think that the fucking chore of getting a passport is one that i could just get done, but you'd be wrong. dead fucking wrong. because apparently, a new york id isn't equivilent to a driver's license. you know, because of magical terrorist nuns, or whoever american is worried about today. maybe i'm the terrorist du jour! they want me to come down there with a blood relative who has a driver's license or passport. when i explained to them that event was extraordinarily unlikely, the lady said i should bring my girlfriend down. what the fucking hell. pravda says something similar happened to kira, meaning apparently it isn't that weird. so i'm going to bring a brooklyn college bill for tuition (to back up my most recent school id), my social security card, all those guns. see if i can't ok corral them with paper. fuck. i have my photos & everything. i just want to get this done- among other things, i'm kind of embarassed about not having a passport, let alone having left this country (canada doesn't count. hawaii counts more than canada, i figure). on the plus side of this, a trip to sweden is looking more & more likely. slowertwin is even considering coming with us. it will be fantastic to see my soldier, sparrowhills, again. on top of that, europe, right? the evil continent, home of infidelity. but i mean, what? i can't expect that jenny will never want to go to prague again. stupid fucking prague. she lived there for half a year, & plus it is (theoretically) a cool little burg. if i want to go there & try to claim some of that head-space for myself, i'm going to need to work up to it. sweden is a place neither of us have been- it is neutral ground. or well, not really neutral. its my power-turf, right? i've got my swedish girls! it is where i'm connected, where i'm more strongly rooted than jenny. not enough to make it a swamp or anything, just enough to soothe this jangled hate. i'll have an olive on one hip, pearl pistoled! maybe we'll even stay at ekat's haunted mansion. it will be a foothold in europe for me, a beach-head to strike out from. as soon as i get my fucking papers in order. thats right bitches, i said it. what is this, casablanca? nazi fucking germany!? getting my papers in order. feh.

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