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mother box is pinging! is that a good thing?

"The antidote acts quickly! The Pyro-granulate has been neutralized!"
"Hey! This stuff isn't bad! It's not unlike cheap wine!"

as i understand it, there is a secret community of "drop-outs" living in tree-houses in a giant cave under metropolis. if you take the zoom-way, you can encounter "the hairies," who are in fact genetically improved people who live in a converted missile carrier truck. they are products of "the project," a giant conspiracy that is cloning jimmy olson, the newsie legion, & possibly superman. this is of course all known by superman, who participated in the theft of the other's genetic material. the project, allied with superman, has been breeding these clones in all sizes large & small- giant to thumbnail. some the indocrinate as soldiers (olson #43, for instance, or all the little scrapper paratroopers), while some are "step-ups," like the hairies. others are DNAliens, who are people that've been gene-modified outside the norm to such an extent that they are no longer humans. they are even breeding 4-armed super-beings to survive atomic holocaust. darkseid's forces have stolen some of this dna, & clone monsters to fight the project to pave the way for apokalitian invasion. then don rickle's alter-ego, goodie rickles, shows up. then don rickles shows up. thanks jack kirby, you total fucking lunatic, you absolute psychotic fucking asylum-addict. what do you do, shoot the crazy juice directly into your eyeballs so no one can see the track marks?

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