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the ink black drink.

it isn't so bad when the waters close over your head, least aways when they're these waters. as things in my relationship slowly begin to right themselves. i remembered that jenny was my favorite girl, no problem, but did you also know that she's the most fun? its true! even when you arn't doing anything at all, much. like last night. i stormed through the blizzard with giant burritos in hand (wearing christopher's stolen gloves), dropped off the food so the hungry gargoyle jenny the red could gobble hers up, went back out into the tundra to see my bajan beaut (aka the lady at the liquor store), came back with red wine & eased into some fucking gilmore girls. after that, there was some thumbing through air-fares to see about the possibility of a trip to sweden (which would be my first time in europe), then after a little bit it was time to watch ghost in the shell: innocence. i liked it, but seeing as nobody fought a tank, it suffered considerably in comparison to the first one. plus, the ululating japanese children music just kept me wanting to scream "tetsuo!" or shoot my laser bazooka or something. transcend into godhood. when the flick was over, we started watching conan o'brian, which was an episode with the walker: texas ranger lever! so as you can imagine, we were clutching to each other like fuckers whose boat just got hit by an ice berg. then some channel surfing, settling towards an equator of blind date, then bad. not a bad fucking shut-in evening. not bad if i do say so myself. i would have liked a little more tongue action, but thats my only complaint! my obligitory fucking complaint. i should just shut my mouth & talk about how much i enjoyed myself. consider my complaint withdrawn. what, am i supposed to thaw the frost on my ice queen all at once? no, no, i am forged of iron & darkness; i will chip it away from her, flake by flake.

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