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so ekat calls me up while i'm in line at mcdonalds buying jenny a chicken sandwich & talked on the phone with antonio about dreams-of-murder & chac mool. she's all a-fret about her birthday; her husband & she have had some falling out dinner & she's sitting alone at the bar drinking. i run it by jenny & we invite her over...& excitement was had! we drank gin & tonic & bitters & watched a sinbad movie! or well; jenny had a token drink with very little gin, katja had one drink & i had a few. just enough to be aggravating too a sober girlfriend. a shame, that. so that is how we celebrated ekat's birthday, the three of us on the couch being silly, & katja spilling her drink everywhere. apparently after we called a car service to take her home, she somehow managed to pass out in the streets & ended up having the police bring her home! i guess they didn't look at her fake id...also known as the worst fake id in the world.

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