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i bet if a zombie ate my brain it would end up with an iq of like, 80. which for a zombie is smarter than daedalus or archimedes! or, the same thing would probably happen if i was turned into a zombie. which is why i always try to get everyone to promise that if i get turned into a zombie, not to kill me. i'm pretty sure i'd usher in a new age for zombies everywhere. unite them all behind my grisly banner. which i guess would be okay, to be the zombie master. maybe i'd dress up like the grim reaper, just to be scary! man, it would be maybe more scary if a zombie had clearly changed its clothes, right? like, instead of some torn up tuxedo, he'd be wearing some clean denim jeans & a t-shirt (nothing with buttons- too much dexterity needed to do it up) & some velcro shoes or something? dude zombie has it together! he is a haitian all-star! wait a minute, didn't i just explain ghede? i totally did! i invented why ghede/baron samedi is the zombi king! he kept his shit together, which is why he's all vain about his suits & top hats & cigars & shit! good for him, good for that guy, he's a winner. good job loa-dude! okay!

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