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Our Champion, the Child of Chronos, LONDON FOG!, has followed "Jack" from a bolt-hole in 2005 to a beatnik bar in 1957. With the Gurlinsiki Technique (a spell stolen by a pagan warlock from Cossacks & then bricked into the Tower of London) London Fog conjured the spirit of his recent victim, Hannah Brown, the sassy Manchester Ghost, in order to direct him & his allies BIG BEN & THE COCKNEY to 1957 London. Dissapearing into Magnum Carter's supernatural smoke, the four of them travelled back in time, where Hannah Brown was alive, & no longer a Ghost! shit, this is all so weird. i mean, what, suddenly i'm hyperaware of my escapism? not like i'm miserable in the moment. i drank the last glass of ripple's cognac, which is the end of the drinkable things in the apartment. tommorow i have no work! i wonder what is in store for me on my day of adventure. currently jenny is asleep on the couch, sick with a bug. poor thing! i have decided to stay home in case she needs some kind of boyfrienderly help. so i'm left to my own devices, but without any motivation whatsoever. so here is where we're at. the scene of the burial. or well, no. nothing so dire as all that. things have been defeated lately, no doubt about it. but notice how i still rule, how i am still better than all comers? this is me at my most masochistic. oh heck. i woke up early. maybe i'll topple into bed early! what about sleep. well crap. shut up shut up! godzilla!

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