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i come from...the smoke of time!

London Fog's secret identity is Magnum Carter. London Fog, "the Peasouper's" abilities include the power to create dense fog at will...fog with an uncanny mystical property! London Fog is actually from 1905, & when immersed in his clouds of condensation he gains the ability to TRAVEL THROUGH TIME! only allotted travel of one century with his Chronovapour, he walks the streets of london, from 1805 to 2005. Granted his powers by an ancient cystal mayan skull (that was then absorbed & remains only a small skull tattoo on the meat of his right palm), London Fog travels through time battling "Jack," a man with a magical pair of boots, known alternatingly as Spring-heeled Jack or...Jack the Ripper! London Fog lairs in the Tower of London, where he studies grimoires & tomes bricked away by Oliver Cromwell, books seized by the most powerful warlocks & witches in all England! Within his smoky aura, his sorceries are unparalleled by any living wizard! Together with Big Ben & The Cockney, THEY FIGHT CRIME!

(he is no way made of fog.)

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