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where do we go from here?

hey! another fucking morning! great! i like tommorows! all in a row, until the end of time, stranded out of heaven! okay it isn't wearing so heavy right now, to be honest. i'm tired & whatsmore, but that isn't a bad factorizing. also the cognac smells like i'm fucking getting hammered, which is why i was so tenative with it last night (shit smells like tequila!) but i don't think it punches all that hard. just reeks like it does. i've been not-drunk lately. drinking to a good buzz, but then stopping. i've been like that! responsibible. yawn. mostly right now i am waiting for jenny to be done in the bathroom so i can jump in the shower. tha's right, thursdays i open the store too! which means excitement! adventure! true love! all on tap for tonight. you should have see my girl recline on the bed this morning. maybe she was sleepy-fussy shrugging me off, which isn't the best, but you should have seen her. gorgeous. also? last night i threw out all the garbage. tulips, trash-beasts, refrigerator stinkers, you name it. that was something that needed doing, no joke. okay, shit, i have to go shower. i'll be naked in just a few moments! isn't that weird? i feel like it is weird to predict the future & have it be nude. also, i'm pretty sure napolean was the anti-christ. he had a little blue hat & everything! i'm pretty sure.

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