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the fire spreads. somehow, the guy in the trench coat is killed; the rest of us split up into two cars, fleeing. we get out in front of the apartment jenny used to live in when she first moved to dream-brooklyn. the guy in the trench coat gets out too, sooty, & i tell him i'm glad i didn't have to ride in the car with him while they resurected him, that i hate that shit. we go into the apartment, which is abandoned; inside it is gargatuan, it has a fountain with a waterfall & two coral lagoons, that have fallen into disrepair & are choked with algae & weeds. the indoor park has given way to briars & shrubs. the pool of water on the upper level used to be haunted by the ghost of a bunyip, but something has come & collected its soul. we try to brain-storm to figure out who did it, & i finally figure out it is baron geryon from hell, which is when a lynx attacks me. as i fight the lynx it morphs between lynx, lion, & housecat, until i finally dunk it in the water. it is geryon, the were-cat. he leads me (at this point, the others fade from focus) to a new part of the building, a well furnished apartment, painted red. jenny & i recline there, laying in these strange bathtubs: like steel tubs shaped to the body with water running through them, like you are in a steady current. we watch some pornography that we find & have sex in this tub-contraption. it is really good- she is on top & making a lot of noise. then jonathan lethem comes home; it is unclear whether the guy with him is his boyfriend (as i think) or the woman with a daughter is going to fuck him tonight (as she clearly thinks). he doesn't seem to mind that a demon led me to his apartment through secret ways. i tell him he should clean up the fountain, but he seems to think it would be too much work. he wants to turn it into a nature preserve. then it is back to the bathtubs, where jenny & i make love again, slippery against each other, her clutching me & biting my shoulder. when we try to watch the pornography again we find out it is just some movie about being in porn, like boogie nights or something. we lay in the tub after i figure out the controls, flattening out the contours & just sort of swimming. then we go home & jonathan lethem crosses our names off his "to-do" list with a hi-lighter; at the top it says "in the morning, remember to kick out the following people from your apartment:"

then i woke up, went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, & went back to bed; jenny curled herself into the shape of my body, & i fell back asleep. through with the dream-dreams, i fell to thrashing. dreams of being trapped in dirt. lots of wriggling. i think it was maybe mud, that had been poured around me into a cube & then frozen? i was very cold. i reached my hand through the mud & broke through to another catacomb, felt someone desperately clasping my hand & then, like a pricked bubble, the cube crumbled & the person was crushed by mud. i felt their hand stop moving. i woke up somewhere in there, muddled with confusion as to what was real-world, my stomach upset by the balance of temperatures & by general morningness. so i've been drinking physick & keeping it on the level. my jenny wore the coat i bought for her to work today- little things like that count.

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