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it's called prima nocta dude, it's in the constitution.

on account of fucking around on the internet, i had to forgo a shower this morning in order to show up to work on time. but i am wearing all clean clothes (green checkered boxers, black jeans, black socks, beat up leather sketchers, black thorn-heart sweatshirt, wife-beater) & brushed my teeth (something with whitening?) & put on deoderant (cool rain gel!), so i'm cleaner than any average european. crowing like a rooster! i had some lashing-out dreams last night about jenny- like, she bought me a yacht but i threw her wooden shoes over the side & told her if we were just going to be friends that she could sail home in those! & also got a foot massage & i'm not entirely clear on the rest. so we muddled grouchy when i clambored out of bed. better now though. better now. the life of the party! a robot for fight! or like a blue ring recluse, a spider with a bite that packs a wallop! also, last night i decided that mary marvel should eat one of swamp thing's sex yams. so it isn't all doldrums.

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