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i am drowing in this.

the ants that jenny got for christmas are mostly dead. some are still alive, others are well- well there is this one that crawled down into the ant graveyard & languishes. maybe he is waiting to die. two patrol the tunnels, & the rest cluster at the very edge of things. mandible against the glass. trying to find some way out, even though they are all infertile. there is no future for any of them. holy shit, looking over now, there is one actually crawling on the roof. quite the coup. these are the last throes, i guess? soon, the end of their bio-mechanics. their strength of their little limbs will fade. like all the tulips i bought jenny. all dead by now or might as well be. maybe we can dig up the bulbs? was i going to make some weird metaphor out of everything? am i now? don't clutter my damn cloud! i'm in a fucking incredible mood. i'll be okay! in the end i'll win...i'm winning right now! smoke has a life & a name of its own, fog breathes you in when you breath it in. you should see the grin on my face; the artist formerly known as the red hood would know whats going on. lately i've been trying to come up with my SHAZAM

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