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up for air.

it feels so much later than 2:30. only half an hour past mid-way? better start getting used to it, since i'll be opening the store on tuesdays & thursdays now. part of my plans! see, maybe instead of just seeing jenny late at night with only enough time to drink & watch a movie? i can come home at a more reasonable time & have a fucking life, a god-damn life (for all lives are god-damnned, till the last trump sounds). anyhow, last night carla gave me the recipe for a magic potion most potent! i will gather the ingredients soon; i will sequester myself in my laboratory & stir up some trouble. last night did the jet-set thing over to carla & andrew's with jenny (or well, just carla's at this point technically, but whatever). she made dinner, but my stomach was acting up (foul!) & i could only spoon down a few mouthfuls of soup. which is when carla gave me her witch's brew; i think its quite possibly a good thing to know! maybe i'll make it my morning physique. thats a sort of idiosyncratic thing that isn't too bad, especially since i have a notoriously rowdy gut in the wee-hours.

after dinner we played charades (our favorite, these days, succeeding "asshole.") andrew & i won, which evens us out for loosing last time. with jenny giving the clues, carla got stumped at "milky way....orbits! planet! star! milky way moon!" some of the more sterling moments of psychic guessing was me beaming "kate winslet" to andrew (i am far better at giving clues than guessing them...remember the "codfish sandwich" debacle?) & jenny & carla dueting "gotham city" with some serious quickness. we left & had the typical friday night terrible time coming home; all the trains running local, or not running at all, what have you. jenny got mad at me off which stimulus i don't know, & started listing old fights as proof of why i am selfish & inconsiderate. well, i am, but i try not to be when she's involved. & when i am, i've said i'm sorry? well fuck. the thing thats been bugging me lately is that when people come in from around, i take them out & show them a good time. when i want to be taking jenny out! so i'm going to try to do that. but i have to reign my enthusiasm. not things i want to do, though sharing things like that is fine. i want to take her to do things she'll like doing.

today at work has been okay. as annoying as it can be when you're the only one here, it isn't so bad. especially since the lulls were punctuated with kavalier & clay, which i'm about one fourth of the way through, & enjoying. especially the part with the golem, that was great. chabon is very readable, but what is with his repetition of words? he's said "mucilaginous" about 5 times so far! very odd. but its a really topical book, since i've been reading so many comics lately. customers haven't even been all that annoying, besides that woman with her three kids who parked her stroller right inside the door. what the fuck are you thinking, whore? get the fuck out of the entrance or you'll be disembowled by the horrifying egress!! i'm only a little bit tired, which is a coup since we got home at 4:fucking:30.

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