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i've read two of alan moore's supreme trades. eh. a little sick of meta-comic commentary, okay? i mean, i get that moore does it with a skilled hand, with the touch of a fan. while it didn't make me quesy or anything, the whole supremacy/awareness of continuity revisions was much for me. the time travel of darius dax was probably my favorite element? i liked that okay. but all around, i just...didn't care. no complaints or anything, just somewhat non-plussed. i actually felt like suprema was more intresting? weird anachronisms get me i guess. 'course reading moore's supreme (in other words, superman) made me think about the roots of dc. two thoughts on that? first, if dc got rebooted? i'd make every angel look like the specter. not exactly or anything; just use him as a template to deviate from. the second thought? is, from the moment kal-el's bassinet-ship lands on earth, to make kryptonian technology look like brainiac. you know, that strangly coloured circuitry. then, when superman dies (because i think superman's death will be conserved, will remain part of the visible mythology, unlike batman's cripplehood) you can have the replacements, right? & have the "last son of krypton" look like superman wearing a brainiac circuitry crown. & instead of that stupid vindicator? eradicator? program bringing him back, it could just be brainiac. that would totally suck a lot less. i mean, they killed superman in the worst way for the worst reasons. then brought him back in the worst way. why not try to re-invision it with some panache? i don't know; i read comic books a lot because i like them, & because they make good subway & work fare. easy to put down & pick back up again.

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