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i suppose by now the hex has been set; by now the curse has taken hold, laid its roots in the crevaces of your spirit. the venom is so deep in the veins that no lips could draw it out. the spell has been cast, the stars are right (the stars are wrong so wrong), & the roots will flex & break you like a tree breaks pavement. this dweomer i've cast over all the world, this gut wound i've applied (you'll notice soon, despite the anesthesia. you'll notice by the emptiness, the breeze that movies within your abdomen). the end! oh glorious final days. oh honeyed hymn, the end is near! & it is; i kether lies within yggdrasil, i know that now, & czernobog stands with him foot upon belobog's throat through my aid (thats what he gets for making bee's shit taste so good!); the final glances & phrases of the curse are set. your king is in check mate, but i will not end the game till i see him toppled. which is a polite way of saying killed. which is to say mankind, you are an abomination of clay that i, a spirit of smokeless fire will not stand for. or um...can i have a lollypop? i might be mollified by candy. FOOLS! i will not be....mollified. because i hate girls named molly. enjoy that grim knowledge... misanthropy! oh god i'm evil look at me! i'll shake my tiny fist & swear against you! well keep laughing! his sword a needle, this spider will grasp it through the eye & scurry up the thread till i come within distance of my poison. i'll sit down to tea amidst his death throes! tasty tea, which i will maybe have with some honey, despite the curse of czernobog.

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