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i'm for bed, in a moment. dripping with hope; hope, one of those words i've always despised, along with "believe." don't fucking believe, have some gnosis or make an assumption or something, but never fucking slide by on faith. maybe it is a dharma sutra thing. but i'll be going to the same bed as my girl, whose finally back from her family thing. maybe, there is a tiny possibility? that everything is better when she's around. she got a little fussy tonight after television time, & maybe i was being patronizing in some way? oh it's like i'm alan turing trying to decipher her enigma, only without that whole sleeping with men thing. she's my nazi cipher, i'll give you that, though. she's back & there is a million held breaths released. whispering condensing on the mirror, letting you know you're still alive. i'm in a pretty good mood, despite this crown of exhaustion. my disguise was a success today; hiding behind a badge was a brilliant plan. from now on all mordicai's alter-egos should wear a star, a sheriff's emblem. i'm cunning as fuck. also a diffrent pair of glasses; it works for clark kent? that goodie two-shoes piece of filth. & my all-black uniform was broken when i wore the blue ben folds five shirt that jenny likes.

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