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so i tuck ekat into the futon, onto the futon, & after i finish her glass of wine i'm tripping, falling, hopping into bed. nasty bed with all its dreams & all. then its the dead of night & here is katja & she wants to go home! my brain is compliant enough to say "call a car service," but not to actually able to find a car service to call for her. suffice to say we we're in quite a muddle! somehow the pieces came together; we had her on her way to manhattan in a jiffy! man, wouldn't it be funny if there was an imp like mr. mxyzptlk was around constantly with a little stopwatch to time you? from ekat pouncing on me & telling me she wants to go home till she got in the car- how long did we clutch at straws? jenny would have known what to do. but i figured it out! so i guess thats okay. then, back into the haze of sleep; that miasma. in the morning, evidence! like, the wrappers of the hershey's kisses! & the dirty wine glasses! & the empty wine bottles! i am a detective. lately, starting with mister the fallen optimist & his girl, i've been showing everyone the mythology alex ross book. i guess i think about comic books these days? i'm just so harlequinaide. fuck, there are about a million voice mails on my phone; i should probably check 'em out. today is sunday, which translated into orc means "dungeons & dragons." but translated into gnome it means "no little washu," since she'll be getting into town at about two. phone just said i have no messages? that....isn't true. did i check them while i was falling asleep? i bet that would explain why the phone was in bed with me! MORE EVIDENCE! crap, crimes. i'm the "perp," i guess. hello sunday! i hate you! i wonder what my favorite day of the week is?

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