mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

sleep tight katja...i'll drink your wine! katja came on out to park slope so i can show her the special sword fighting technique we have developed out here. so then we drank this burnt blueberry wine (good) & went to eat sushi (on her tab, what am i, temujin?) so we ate some sushi & drank some sake & here we are back at my apartment! we were watching the two towers but she fell asleep, so i made tea & she fell asleep with her tea cup in hand! way to go alice! no, she's darling. i've tucked her in on the futon. she's a delight- i can't help but wish olive was here? man i miss my olive? but katja has been making up for her little betrayal by being sweet pretty well. anyhow, those swedish girls! always a muddle. my jenny? adrift in a sea of no connections. of bad cell phone reception! ha ha i just told jeffrey i'd look after his wife, & i will too! it is nice to have a girl to be nice to, since jenny-hate happened! man i'm just venting. more like jenny-depression (i think?) whatever, means mordicai-broken. it was hard enough for me to pin my stars on a girl; why's she gotta fuck with it? anyhow. so it is 12:30 on a fucking saturday! dear ekat: you'll never hear the end of my taunting! consider yourself made fun of.

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