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atheists in a foxhole- "an album for olive"

cabaret- "willkommen"
yann tierson- "la redecouvige"
sweet- "ballroom blitz"
from dusk till dawn- "everybody be cool. you. be cool"
macclusky- "alan is a cowboy killer!"
one ring zero- "introduction"
they might be giants- "robot parade"
ronald regan- "my fellow americans"
poe feat. mark daniellewski- "hey pretty"
boy sets fire- "rocket man"
gundam wing- "i'll kill you."
guided by voices- "my valuable hunting knife"
the magnetic fields- "yeah! oh yeah!"
quincy jones- "ironsides (exerpt)"
tori amos- "'97 bonny & clyde"
gundam wing- "are you still going to kill me?"
the ronettes- "he hit me & it felt like a kiss"
kill bill- "queen of the crime council"
one ring zero- "water"
brian wilson- "our prayer/gee"
rasputina- "leechwife"
silence of the lambs- "a census taker once tried to test me..."
polyphonic spree- "wig in a box"
the police- "king of pain"
sarah mclachlan- "black (bbc sessions)"
se7en- "when a person is insane..."
the pixies- "in heaven"
15 seconds of dead air
jimmy scott- "sycamore trees"

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