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we zombie dream.

zombie dreams. more like nightmares. the first one, or the first part, i'm the lone survivor, trying to escape. i find the hot non-zombie girl in due course, you know? we board ourselves up in a school horticulture lab, hiding quietly. she starts turning, biting at my hands. i escape again, out the window, a long a newsprint machine; find the source of the infection; a wood-cutter, who has grown to ogre proportions, a craggy hill of rotten flesh with a twisted nose. i kill that with a sharpened tree trunk or something (?). mysterious RV. end up back in the greenhouse, trying to nail up wooden planks. somehow it becomes clear to me that infection comes in stages; that to the zombies (black faces) i look like a zombie (black face, bright eyes), i behave like a zombie with my killing & hiding. they are the WE, they are the healthy, & i am the menace. but neither of us are really healthy; i'm just a scarier, lonelier zombie. as the dream ends (or seques out), the RV leaves town, pulling out suddenly from a muddy road.

new town. vice versa of the same thing. now i'm one of the WE, only that isn't clear; all that we know is that there is a zombie on the loose in the town. i figure it out, i read some french occult book talking about how as the zombi degenerates it starts saying "oui" & stealing hands & brains. fucking great. eventually the WE i'm with start trying to nip at my hands when i am not careful. the government is coming with napalm. i am an ogre sized creature- i can no longer climb out through the greenhouse window i used to escape the girl last time (?). mysterious RV, another ogre fight; this time i use my hands. i start expounding something about how the infection must have been brought by a dog, how a "dog" is really just a range of genes & alleles. that while most dogs are probably immune, the fringes of dog run deep; wolves, coyotes, foxes, hyenas (?). i'm certain that misgenation is the vector. but also somehow that water is the vector; that normal stream ecology has a filter that keeps people safe, that a tainted well is to blame. i go to the stream to try to find a cure? i am set ablaze with napalm; i duck below the water. repeat. i burn for a long time, crying to myself "we, we, we, we." the RV leaves town.

someone talks to me about how in the cartoon, the cryptkeeper rides around on top the RV on a surf board.

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