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i read two comics today. one i was recomended by simon, which is arrowsmith, which i enjoyed very much. probably the greatest bit in it is the wizard uncle sam on the reverse of the flyleaf. that is some awesome shit. no, it was clever & great & i think subsequent collections will surpass it now that the ground work has been laid out. but it doesn't take a moron to realize that i'd like arrowsmith: an alternate history where world war one is fought with magic? gee, i guess that sounds okay. the other comic i read was just as gimmie, though, the courtyard by one mister alan moore. the introduction by garth ennis alone makes it great, but there is so much more. the aklo evil-magic-linguistics thing is awesome, & now i see why a companion volume to this short little thing is probably the greatest idea in the world. no, very very great; of course, i have a soft spot for dark tongues, as evidenced by one menacing sound of distance.

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