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glacial creep, i'm a weirdo.

my real-world rejection symptoms seem to be flooding back in all that style. mostly the throwing up is back to its pre-jenny levels, sort of an every other day. i forgot how precise i can be about it. mastery of the mechanics of vomiting is usually a chick thing. but anyhow, i'm wearing a good mood like a mantle this morning, like the mantle of a fucking squid. doing a-okay. slept in the same bed as jenny last night! how is that for ninja-craft. i'll shinobi my way back into her graces. came to work an hour early, can i hear a hell came with me? hell came with me. amen!

valentine's day 2005. went to fuji san, a sushi place on 7th ave & garfield. got the valentines day special- $45. soup or salad (i had the salad, she had the soup), 2 small hot sakes, 18 pieces of nigiri, & the chef's special roll, which was some seaweed salad thing. also; competent waiter who made recomendations & told me his opinions. thanks guy! we were sort of fighting on the way to the restraunt, but it was just tired grousing. the sake washed all that away. then it was some wonderfalls, then jenny off to bed. i was going to stay up the two hours till symon & kelly were supposed to show; & i did! but they didn't show until 3 hours after that, or so. which, by then i was in a drunken slumber & it was all commedy of errors.

woke up finally; woke up symon, woke up kelly, took showers, tried to figure out plans. invisiblek was the lynchpin part; i thought she was somewhere, when in fact she was elsewhere. we ended up taking the g to pick her up from her girl's place. i rode the g from one end to the other. that is my first time doing that with any of the trains, & now i think maybe i should make a point of it? have explorations. i really should. kat was hungover, but never puked despite our scurrying adventures all over the mta. kelly almost got left behind on a train & then a guy thought she was from another country since she couln't understand his accented english. was funny. met debs on the stairs of the met, only an hour late. i don't think that is so bad! she'd been informed of everything.

so we (mordicai, symon, kelly, kat, debs) walked through the gates in centeral park. i really like installation art, so i'm disposed anyhow, but i'm also a big fan of colour use. twin peaks, the villiage, &c. anyhow, there were these chin-up bars that symon & i climbed on top of, winning, & o, a place that should be my palace! this sunken door, this hollow chamber is where the goblin's have their throneroom! or should at least. by now there were belly's a-rumbling. we had a spot of trouble finding a decent restraunt, but the lennox hill diner that we settled on was pretty swell. russian beer, & i had the mahi-mahi with 2 sides of mashed potatos. after dinner we lost debs, & went down to 7th st. & 2cnd avenue to go to burp castle. just, you know, to have a drink. symon got the girls this raspberry stuff that kingtycoon introduced him to; it was pretty tasty. i had this...sixpoints amber thing that the monk working recommended? it was awfully good too.

from there we went into williamsburg. in my defense, remember that kat is staying in greenpoint on the g! so we have to make sure she can get home. also, there is this bar there that i wanted to go to, & i could convince ravenface to jaunt over for a little snippit. oh i'd picked up the darling slowertwin from her apartment before we ventured into the parts of brooklyn that are enemy turf. the bar we went to is called "barcade," because that is what it is. they have the requisite microbrew catalouge that a place in williamsburg demands (i finished kelly's black rasputin, since she didn't like it) & the rest of the place was filled with old arcade machines. i spent my quarters on smashTV (3rd, 4th, 5th place), 1943 (hi-score!), rampage (8th place; rampage is i think the most popular), & some others. there were a bunch! but i don't care about arcanoid. anyhow, i drank too much but not too too much. we left, because symon & kelly had conspired to leave that night rather than the next morning. simon took off, & we stopped by a diner that straddled the train; got some turkey burgers (or at least that is what ekat & i had) & then katja fell asleep on my shoulder. she'd get mad when i'd try to feed her french fries then wake up & eat some french fries! anyhow, we put her safely in a taxi cab & got on the g train to go home. & ah-hah! i'd earlier warned symon & kelly not to let me convince them that i could walk home from smith & 9th street, which was wise! i go crazy when i'm actually on the gowanus canal, i have to cross it & recross it & get myself lost in red hook. i have too. so they didn't let me & a train came right away. then we were home, & then they were gone & then jenny was home & then i was asleep.

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